Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


¡VIVA! 2015

Thank you for joining us at ¡VIVA!

Mil gracias and thank you for your support! Last night, we raised over $400,000 for the Scholarship Fund. More than 700 of you came together in our new, fabulous venue to celebrate our students. Your generosity directly impacts our students and their families.

Our Honorary Reception student speaker, Sandra, Class of 2015, said it best: "We are known as students who, even though we do not have the necessary means to pay for a private Catholic education, still have the strive and potential to succeed. Cristo Rey is a place that lets people like me reach their true potential. The values, the beliefs, the work study program and the family environment. That's what makes CR unique.  That's what makes CR special." 

Inspiring stories like Sandra's remind us of the importance of each gift, each job, and each opportunity that your support affords our students. Additional donations in support of student scholarships can be made on our website.

Thank you for helping to make last night such a success. We hope you enjoyed the evening, and we'll see you at ¡VIVA! 2016!