Cristo Rey Jesuit High School



President's Welcome

Welcome to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. I hope you will take some time and explore who we are and what we have to offer as a school community.


This is where it all began in 1996! Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago is the original Cristo Rey School. It was here that our students, teachers, staff and corporate partners, together, inspired what has become a network of 30 schools around the country operating on the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) model and creating opportunities for deserving students and their families.


Thanks to hundreds of generous supporters and benefactors, we have a beautiful campus that includes state-of-the-art classrooms, a library, athletic facilities, and a recently renovated Chapel of the Sacred Heart. And our enrollment, which started with 70 pioneering young women and men, has grown to more than 550 students. God has been good to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, and I truly believe it is one of the most innovative and inspiring success stories to come from our great city of Chicago.


There is a distinct feeling of pride, hope, and enthusiasm that permeates the halls of our school. You only need to spend a few minutes with Cristo Rey students to realize how grateful they are for the opportunity to learn from our dedicated teachers and to work for some of Chicago’s most respected corporate partners. Today, we have 1,498 alumni who are emerging leaders in their respective fields of education, business, law, medicine, and civic organizations.


As a Jesuit school, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School proudly carries on the Jesuit tradition in Chicago today. The Society of Jesus has a long and proud history in Pilsen. The great missionary and explorer, Fr. Jacques Marquette, S.J., spent his last winter (1674-75) on the banks of the Chicago River in Pilsen, less than a mile from where our school stands today. The school is also one block west of Damen Avenue, named after another Jesuit missionary, Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. As a faith-filled school community, we seek to do all things ad majorem Dei gloriam – for the greater glory of God.


I invite you to come visit us and see first-hand how dedicated, hardworking, and respectful our students are as they study, work, and pray together. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school.


¡VIVA Cristo Rey!

Antonio Ortiz