Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


The Annual Fund

Dear Friends,
When senior Abraham Rodriguez walked across the stage this June to receive his Cristo Rey diploma, he did more than graduate high school. Like so many of our students, Abraham carried with him the dreams of his parents and grandparents,becoming the first in his family to graduate from high school.

Abraham’s parents immigrated from Mexico in their teens and were unable to complete high school. Abraham reflects: “My dad came to look for a better life than the one my grandmother had. Now, my ambition is helping me to fulfill my family’s dreams that have been passed on to me.” With two younger siblings and an older sister with autism, Abraham is fulfilling his family’s dreams by being a role model and studying engineering at the University of Illinois-Champaign.

This is what makes Cristo Rey so special. We help bring dreams to reality through education and opportunity. Many of our students are pursuing the goals that their parents could not achieve. Abraham was one of 501 students last year who received scholarship or financial assistance to attend Cristo Rey, opportunities made possible through your help.

This fall began our 21st academic year. As I walk our crowded hallways, it is incredible how much hope and potential I see in each of our 567 students. Many of them carry the dreams of a generation on their shoulders as they work hard in the classroom
and at their job. It inspires me every day.

I encourage you to help students like Abraham climb this ladder, bringing them one step closer to fulfilling the dreams of their family. We missed your support last fiscal year. Please consider making a gift to our Annual Fund this year. Your generosity leaves a lasting impact on the lives of our students, families, and future alumni of Cristo Rey.


Antonio Ortiz

"It’s like a ladder. My dad’s ambition allowed him to climb up a rung on that ladder and be more successful than my grandma. Now, my ambition is helping me to fulfill my family’s dreams that have been passed on to me. And I want my children to keep moving up that ladder, to build on what I have done and who I will be."

– Abraham Rodriguez, Class of 2016