Cristo Rey Jesuit High School



Thank you for choosing Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and entrusting us with your children. Parent support and involvement are key to the success of your child at Cristo Rey. As such, our parents formed an active support group called GAPE (Grupo de Apoyo Para Padres).

GAPE provides Cristo Rey parents tools for understanding American culture as well as strengthening cultural traditions and religious values. GAPE also offers resources for parents to better engage with the educational experience of their teens.
Below are words from a few of our GAPE parents.
GAPE is the place where parents really get to know each other.
During the first GAPE meeting, parents learn valuable information, especially parents of freshmen. For the yearly parent retreat, we listen to talks on the topics of family and personal development. I chose Cristo Rey High School for my two daughters because I thought it was so interesting to find a school that allows students to balance academics and work experience. I think this balance makes a student confident, responsible and capable. I love the fact that 96% of seniors go on to college or university; this has helped my daughters envision and achieve their goals.I am so proud of my involvement with GAPE. I have learned from everyone. Since my first year in the group, I have had the opportunity to be more involved in my daughters’ education, and have gotten to know their teachers and classmates.This is my 6th year in GAPE, and for me this has also been an opportunity to thank Cristo Rey and corporate sponsors for so much that we have received as a family. My daughter will graduate this year, which means this will be my last year in GAPE. I want to thank Mrs. Juarez and all of you for the opportunity. God Bless.
You will be forever in our hearts,
Ms. Norma Briseño
My name is Leticia Jimenez, and I would like to say that Cristo Rey is special to my family, first of all because Catholicism is our faith and the school is in line with our principles, and of course because Cristo Rey provides excellent academics. I thank Cristo Rey and all the corporate sponsors that have helped my children through the work study program, which has given them the tools and experience needed to succeed in the work environment, so that they may become good citizens. The work study program has also helped my children appreciate the hard work their father does to provide for them. I am grateful to Cristo Rey because two of my daughters are now attending great universities and they are still receiving support from Cristo Rey. GAPE has been an opportunity for me to be close to my children. This program helps parents through various presentations, so that we can help our children to be academically successful. I have also had the opportunity to work on projects with other parents, such as the setting up of the Altar de Muertos, the celebration of La Virgen de Guadalupe, and the family retreat, among others. GAPE provides an opportunity for parents to get to know each other and to feel like part of the Cristo Rey family. I decided to participate in GAPE because it is a great way to support my children in their education, to let them know that they can count on me and, in some way to thank the school and sponsors for their support. Thank you.

Leticia Jimenez
Mother of four Cristo Rey students

GAPE is a support group for the parents of Cristo Rey students. This group helps parents like me who sometimes do not have clear ideas on how to help our children with their school work. In many cases, our students are the first generation to graduate not only from college, but also from high school. The fact that my children go to Cristo Rey is very special to me, because besides receiving a good academic education, they also receive religious instruction. The students also learn about our cultural heritage through courses such as Spanish Literature. The work study program provides valuable experience for their future. I got involved with GAPE because I wanted to show my children that their education is very important to me. I want them to be not only academically successful but also to be people of strong faith, that they may never forget their roots and strive to be “men and women for others."
Sandra Marceleno