Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


About Jesuit Volunteers

The Cristo Rey Jesuit Volunteer Program connects men and women who wish to serve in an innovative educational environment in a low-income, Hispanic community. The CRJV Program was founded in 1999 in response to the extensive needs of Cristo Rey and has grown to be a vital part of delivering quality, affordable education to our students. Our volunteers are recent university graduates from throughout the U.S. They demonstrate a commitment to social justice, spiritual and personal growth, and intentional community living – all tenets of our program. 

Volunteer responsibilities are matched based on the school's needs and the volunteers’ areas of interest.  Placements could include: classroom teacher, campus minister, retreat leader, college counselor, admissions officer, athletic coach, extracurricular moderator, etc… Driving students to their corporate internship jobs in an essential need of the school and all volunteers are asked to drive once daily. Volunteers live in an intentional community near the school in Pilsen.