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Executive Summary

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Since 1996, Cristo Rey Jesuit has served Chicago’s southwest side by providing students with a safe and academically rigorous college-prep secondary education through a thriving and economically sustainable educational model -The Corporate Work Study Program. Over 200 socially-engaged businesses of all sizes in greater Chicago hire our talented students, who serve as reliable, productive and cost-effective employees in their full-time positions.

In turn, Cristo Rey students finance 70% of their education by rolling up their sleeves and working for you. Our companies do not view the program as a charity or a donation but understand and appreciate the partnership; they provide a real job to our students and receive a real return on their investment. Our students also enhance our partners’ talent and diversity pipeline for the future.

Through the work-study experience students cultivate a strong network of professional relationships that will benefit them for a lifetime. They are being formed to become the next business, cultural and community leaders of Chicago by working and learning from you. Hundreds of Cristo Rey alumni have graduated from college and are now firmly entrenched in the Chicagoland business community.

Cristo Rey’s Work Study Program is now a nationally recognized model with twenty five schools across the country. Over one thousand companies in corporate America partner with the program. We invite you to view our Cristo Rey Work Study Program Partner List and join good company in making a positive impact on education in Chicago.

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Four Students, One Job

Employee Leasing Information

  • Partnering companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program to fill full‐time, entry‐level jobs in their offices.
  • Students are employees of the Corporate Work Study Program, not the sponsoring company.
  • The Corporate Work Study Program handles all payroll, W‐4, I‐9, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, and other employer issues for the students.
  • The program runs annually from Labor Day through the third week of June.

"It would be my pleasure to evaluate the Cristo Rey Interns. My question to you is ... are they human? Whether it's lifting boxes or sharpening pencils, their reactions are always the same ‐‐ never a cross word or unpleasant expression. Always cheerful, courteous, alert. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would still have to give them a 15. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the Cristo Rey Experience."

‐ Sue Woyicki, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

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