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Cristo Rey Recognizes its November/ December Students of the Month

New this year at Cristo Rey Jesuit, each Academic Department recognizes one Student of the Month. These awards currently go out bi-monthly to students at any level from each Department. When selecting Student of the Month, teachers are looking for students who have shown:

  • Significant progress in the classroom
  • Marked improvement in grades
  • Outstanding Grades
  • Leadership
  • Notable consideration towards others
  • Outstanding attitude/disposition
  • Community involvement/service
  • Personal Development

Each student receives a letter home with words of praise from their teacher and a certificate.

Certificates are also posted on a bulletin board in the main stairwell at school.

Cristo Rey is proud to congratulate the following Cristeros/Cristeras. 




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Alumni Spotlight: Ximena Silva-Aguirre '20

Get to know Ximena Silva-Aguirre ‘20, who served as a CWSP assistant for the Corporate Work Study Program this fall. 

After graduating from Cristo Rey in 2020, Ximena decided to move out of state and attend the University of Dayton where she is currently pursuing a degree in Human Rights. Although this area of study was not what she originally started with, Ximena has discovered a passion for advocating for her community and helping make an impact on our society. She describes enjoying the duality of her courses at Dayton and how much her major caters towards her specific interests.  

At Dayton, Ximena has also been able to join various student organizations such as the Red Cross Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Latino student organization. Additionally, she is also a member of Alpha Psi Lambda, a co-ed Latino fraternity and has also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain this past summer.  

This fall semester, however, was a little different for Ximena as she decided to defer a semester and return to the community she knew she could rely on, her Cristo Rey community. At Cristo Rey, Ximena serves as a CWSP assistant where she helps with our student worker check-ins and steps in as a substitute teacher for our executive functioning and technology classes for freshmen and sophomores.  

When prompted about her day-to-day experiences with our students, Ximena shares, “I made it my goal to ensure our students felt like they always got something out of every day they were in class. I learned a lot about myself and how I interact with the rest of the world regardless of age. I enjoy working with students of this age and often found myself giving them advice or anecdotes about my life in college and my life during this semester when I was struggling. They helped me and I helped them, and I thought that’s been a beautiful bond.”  

When asked if she has felt an impact from Cristo Rey on both a personal and professional level Ximena responds, “Cristo Rey let me catch my breath this semester. I felt like I had lost everything by having to take the semester off, but the community, staff and students were there to help me. Cristo Rey really encouraged me to push myself and to really dedicate my life to being a woman for others. Thank you, Cristo Rey, for giving me this opportunity to really grow. I never would have thought that I would have wanted to work with teenagers, but I look forward to seeing where this interest takes me!”  

Ximena plans to complete her bachelor's degree in Human Rights and potentially pursuing a master's degree in Higher Education. As she prepares to return to Dayton, she shares the following piece of advice for any current student and or Alumni, “Be confident, do what you want to do and run with it, there will always be someone doubting but if you believe in yourself and your ability to preserve nothing can ever hold you down.”  

On behalf of the Cristo Rey community, thank you Ximena ‘20 for all your hard work and dedication to our students. We wish you the best of luck as you continue your studies at Dayton! Connect with Ximena on LinkedIn.

Would you like to be featured? Contact Daisy Castillo, Manager of Alumni Support. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Crystal Diaz '18

Meet Crystal Diaz ’18, currently serving as a Cultural Assistant Teacher in Madrid, Spain 

Upon graduating from Cristo Rey in 2018, Crystal moved to a small town in Minnesota to attend College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University (CSBSJ). A decision she does not regret as she states, “Moving out of Chicago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. College was an important time where I discovered many interests, assumed several leadership roles, and made life-long friends from different parts of the world.” 

While at CSBSJ, Crystal took the initiative and applied for grants to fund great internship opportunities. In 2020, she interned at Plant Chicago, where she was able to coordinate and expand food access for LINK recipients in her community. Furthermore, in 2021, Crystal interned with Defenders of Wildlife, a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting North American animals and plants. Crystal shares that it was, “an awesome opportunity to extend my advocacy for the protection of biodiversity across the nation.” Upon her return for her senior year at CSBSJ, Crystal continued her advocacy for her community as she presided over CSBSJ’s Student Senate. This opportunity helped improve the representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students and fostered an inclusive space for other diverse and resilient leaders.  

After graduating from CSBSJ, Crystal knew she wanted to travel and learn more about different countries and their cultures. She recognized what a privilege it is to be bilingual and so in October 2022, she decided to travel to Madrid, Spain where she currently works with secondary students as a Cultural Assistant Teacher. Within her role she helps expand students’ knowledge on American culture and learn the English language. Although student teaching is not a field she intends to continue, she hopes to be able to go to Graduate School and earn a master's degree in Urban Planning. With her masters, Crystal hopes to continue to work on improving the well-being of her community through food systems and increasing green spaces. In the meantime, however, Crystal is committed to enjoying the rest of her time while abroad to travel to other destinations in Europe with her close friends.  

As she continues to embark on her next steps, Crystal reflects on the impact that Cristo Rey has had within her leadership experiences. “I believe my leadership experiences and character are a strong testament to the values-based education and work ethic that Cristo Rey taught me. Cristo Rey’s values such as Open to Growth, Loving, Committed to Justice, and Work Experienced are values I carry to this day, and I am always working to improve these. I genuinely believe that having these as core values are important to one’s holistic growth.” Crystal also shares an immense gratitude to her CWSP experience, especially during her student internship at the Economic Club of Chicago, where she was able to build genuine relationships with her colleagues, find mentorship, and step out of her comfort zone to help grow her professional development.  

When asked about a piece of advice she would give to other alumni or current student who aspire to pursue a similar career path, Crystal states, “First, I highly encourage every high school student who can, to complete their bachelor’s out-of-state or away from home. It is an opportunity where you will learn to be independent in ways you did not think of, make your own choices, and learn more about different people and cultures. You will make the best memories and friends living on a college campus. Second, I encourage everyone to embrace being uncomfortable. This may sound intimidating but doing small uncomfortable actions such as trying new foods, a new sport, and going on a dinner date by yourself helps us build courage and lead to self-growth. I was given this advice by my Work-Study supervisor during Cristo Rey, and since, it has become something I try to practice every day.” 

Thank you to Crystal for sharing your journey with us. We are so proud of the work that you do and know your passion will open many more opportunities and growth.  Connect with Crystal on Linkedin 

Would you like to be featured? Contact Daisy Castillo, Manager of Alumni Support.

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