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Los Compañeros de San José

Inspired by their sister club, Las Chicas, Los Compañeros de San José was formed by Cristo Rey's Jesuit Regent Emmanuel Arenas, S.J. to provide space for our young Men for Others to grow in faith and brotherhood.

Arenas reflects on the importance of their spiritual and fraternal experiences.

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has successfully launched its new men’s sodality, Los Compañeros de San José. The Society of Jesus has had a long-lasting tradition of forming sodalities at our schools to form students in the faith. Responding to a desire from our men at the school, we wanted to create a men’s sodality that was primarily focused on aiding the formation of its members in faith, virtue, and brotherhood. Under the patronage of Saint Jospeh, we hope that our students will aspire to be “men for others.”

Through a variety of different spiritual and fraternal activities, the sodality helps to unlock the great leadership potential our students possess. This past semester, we hosted a barbeque to foster brotherhood, prayed Lectio Divina before the Blessed Sacrament, and attended Mass together. Our students have been incredibly generous and are committed to the success of this group. At the moment, we are proud to say we have fifty-four student members in Los Compañeros de San José.

We are excited for what the spring semester will bring. With approximately eight scheduled upcoming events, our members will have many more opportunities to grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other. Through these formative experiences, our students will be equipped to lead others towards a more joyful and hope-filled future.

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