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Thank you for your interest in employment at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. Cristo Rey is committed to diversity, open and honest hiring practices, justice in compensation and benefits, treating each person with respect and dignity, providing appropriate assistance in each person’s growth and spiritual development, and acting as a just steward of the resources entrusted to us.

In accordance with the regulations of the State of Illinois and the Archdiocese of Chicago, Cristo Rey conducts background checks on all employees, contractors and volunteers. In accordance with the regulations of the State of Illinois, all new employees will also be required to submit fingerprints.

Cristo Rey provides equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, ethnicity, ancestry, military status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable law.

Interested in volunteering at Cristo Rey? CLICK HERE FOR More Information

Available Positions

School Counselor

The School Counselor at Cristo Rey serves as both a resource and an advocate for the well-being of students. The school counselor supports student success and serves the social, emotional, and academic needs of the student body primarily through individual counseling within an academic setting. The school counselor operates directly under the supervision of the Director of Counseling as well as the Associate Principal.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Conduct individual, biannual needs assessments for all students assigned to caseload; caseload consists of roughly 150 students.
  • Develop and manage caseload of students with identified concerns and needs that require more direct and consistent individual counseling
  • Monitor student academic performance, behavior, and attendance as well as assist with appropriate interventions.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and other educational/community resources.
  • Provide crisis management, and assess for student safety.
  • Assist with student and parent referrals to outside agencies and specialists when necessary.
  • Assist in planning of school-wide wellness programming.
  • Assist in developing curriculum for student support groups.
  • Maintain professional & confidential records of all meetings with students, parents, and faculty/staff.
  • Attend weekly individual and/or group supervision with Director of Counseling.
  • When applicable, participate in group consultation, department meetings, professional development and school wide faculty/staff meetings.
  • Assist Director of Counseling to provide trainings/presentations to faculty, staff, and parents.
  • Use available technology resources to enhance the school counseling program.
  • Collect and analyze data to help guide the school counseling department’s direction and emphasis
  • Participate and assist with school-wide activities. Some of these activities include, but are not limited to: field trip chaperone, lunch supervisor, club moderator, retreat leader, service trip chaperone, homeroom advisor, etc.
  • Adhere to the laws, policies, and ethical standards of the Counseling/Social Work profession and abide by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern the school.
  • Education: Master’s degree or higher in social work, school counseling, or related field with at least two years of experience.
  • Licensure: Illinois Department of Education Type 73/PEL and/or either LPC, LCPC or LSW, LCSW
  • Written and spoken Spanish language proficiency required.
  • Knowledge of various counseling approaches, techniques and resources.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with a team-oriented approach.
  • Proactive attitude and good time management.
  • Ability to think critically and problem solve under pressure.
  • Sound judgement and high emotional intelligence.
  • Ability to adjust to change and demonstrate flexibility to address needs of school/students.
  • Willingness to be active in school community activities/events/and participate in professional development.
  • Willingness to work some weekends and evenings.

Please send resume to Associate Principal, Bernhard Walke at bwalke@cristorey.net.

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Work Study Program

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Work Study Program | Student Training Lead

Reports to: Vice President, Corporate Work Study Program

Summary of Responsibilities
A critical function of the Senior Program Manager is to strengthen student workforce readiness, with the purpose to better prepare our students for success in the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) and in the 21st century knowledge-based workforce. The Senior Program Manager will be a key contributor to the development and execution of Cristo Rey’s strategic plan for the CWSP, coordinating activities that:

  • Clarify and strengthen the relationship between academics and CWSP, ensuring that workplace experiences complement curricular experiences and contribute to student growth and development.
  • Align CWSP training with employer needs, positioning students to add continued value to partner organizations and positioning CWSP as a talent pipeline for Chicago companies.

The Senior Program Manager will have a chance to build on established fundamentals while creating new programs. At its core, the CWSP is an entrepreneurial effort that demands constant refinement and innovation. The program is both a service business and an educational endeavor. The Senior Program Manager will help in continuing the success of this venture, collaborating with faculty and administrators, preparing our students as they are introduced to the corporate work world, and building relationships with professionals at our corporate partner sites.

The ideal candidate will have teaching/curriculum development experience, excellent communication and people skills, coupled with a strong organizational aptitude. He or she will be motivated by the Catholic/Christian/Jesuit mission of the school and its impact on the Chicagoland area.

1) Summer Business Training Curriculum
a. Lead the planning and execution of Summer Business Training, a two-week mandatory professional skills boot camp for incoming freshmen; develop and/or optimize workshops, including the creation and revision of lesson plans.
b. Prepare a summary of student workers’ skills/abilities at the end of summer training to be provided for employers at the beginning of the school year.
c. Evaluate workshops annually to determine the need to modify and elevate the program in order to meet corporate partner demands.
d. Identify opportunities to integrate academic curriculum into summer training courses.

2) Professional Development of Student Workers
a. Lead the planning and execution of CWSP Orientation programming for new and returning students.
b. Analyze student performance data to identify skill/knowledge gaps and determine the necessary training to build students’ job skills.
c. Oversee coordination and implementation of year-round training workshops for students, in-school and offsite.

3) Academic Curriculum-Work Program Integration
a. Serve as the Co-Lead for Academic & CWSP integration; determine path forward for school to better integrate technology skills and advanced writing school-wide.
b. Manage initiatives to improve faculty understanding of the student worker experience and foster methods to reinforce experiential learning in the classroom.
c. Research relevant job training opportunities for students that provide academic enrichment and practical application at work.

4) Student Placement and Job Coaching
a. Assist in the formation of student teams and job assignments based on student and sponsor requests, student skills and personality assessments, sponsor job descriptions, and student’s previous performance to ensure successful jobsite placement.
b. Coordinate the analysis of student performance reviews, time card data, and feedback surveys.
c. Meet with portfolio of students during advisory periods to understand CWSP experience and provide job coaching.
d. Assist in guiding students through the re-employment process, as needed.

5) Sponsor Relations
a. Serve as a primary contact for assigned portfolio of job sponsors—this includes making regular phone calls, e-mails, and office visits; updating databases; responding to evaluations.
b. Serve as a point person for students and sponsors regarding make-up days and holiday work-days, overseeing the collection of forms and recording of data associated with these days.
c. Identify and resolve issues with students and corporate sponsors in a timely manner by engaging staff and leveraging all resources available to the school and work program.

6) Other Duties
a. Address and enforce all school policies with an emphasis on discipline, dress code, and attendance.
b. Manage morning check-in: daily dress code and attendance checks, daily announcements, and bus dismissal.
c. Assist with the creation, coordination, and implementation of student recognition strategies.
d. Transportation: assist with morning/afternoon transportation as needed; drive routes/sponsor luncheon routes/pick up students at work as needed in school vehicles.
e. Organize and attend parent/teacher/administrator conferences as needed.
f. Perform other CWSP duties as assigned by the CWSP Vice President.

Position Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college, advanced degree preferred
  • Understands and accepts that Cristo Rey is a Catholic Jesuit school primarily dedicated to the development of its student’s spiritual foundation, leadership abilities, and success in college
  • At least 5 years of experience working in education or a related field; experience in the classroom or with curriculum formation strongly preferred
  • Spanish language proficiency preferred
  • Knowledge of Salesforce and Microsoft Office Suite, with particular emphasis on Excel and Outlook
  • Strong strategic aptitude, innovative mindset and absolutely thorough in managing tasks
  • Valid Driver’s License

Application Procedure
All qualified applicants are invited to submit a resume and cover letter to cristorey.staffing@gmail.com

Full Time Volunteer Program

Full Time Jesuit Volunteer - Three Positions Available

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is actively seeking recent college graduates to enter our Cristo Rey Jesuit Volunteer Program in August of 2019. Located in Chicago, our school serves Hispanic youth in a college prep atmosphere. Though we operate in a dual language community, Spanish language skills are not required to apply. Ours is a two year program, allowing volunteers to fully blossom within their roles. Coming from all corners of the country, recent volunteers hail from New York, California and Florida, complementing our home grown volunteers from Chicago. We are not a part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, ours is a stand-alone volunteer community of 4-6 members dedicated to serving Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. Our program pillars are community, social justice, spirituality and simplicity. Since the program started in 1999, we have seen our volunteers go on to graduate school and careers in teaching, social work, public health, law and foreign diplomacy. Not all of our volunteers are aspiring teachers. In addition to classroom teaching, we have opportunities in departments such as our corporate work study office, campus ministry, athletics, college counseling, technology and advancement.

Volunteer benefits include room and board, health and dental insurance, a shared vehicle for local transportation, monthly stipends for living expenses and loan repayments, and an end of service bonus of $2,500. Feel free to call for more information about our program and the different roles we have available within the school. Contact Jason Dillon at (773) 890-6884. Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis.

CWSP Business Development Lead

This position leads job acquisition for the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and Christ the King Jesuit College Prep. This includes cultivating new job prospects, stewardship of existing corporate partner relationships for retention/expansion, onboarding new job partners, executing marketing tactics that help renew or secure jobs for the program, and constantly developing relationships and networking to achieve job targets for the two schools.

Cristo Rey and Christ the King pioneered the CWSP model for inner-city education that has inspired a national network of 35 schools serving economically under resourced communities across the country. The CWSP enables all students to earn a majority of their annual tuition by working one school day a week in an entry-level position for a corporation in the Chicago area. While initially serving principally to pay the operational costs of the schools, the CWSP has evolved into a progressive means of providing students with valuable work experience, while simultaneously empowering them to take an active part in financing a major portion of their own education.

Reports To: Vice President, Corporate Work-Study Program

Key Responsibilities:
New Job Acquisition (60%): This position is the lead for new job acquisition and expansions for both Cristo Rey and Christ the King. The Business Development Lead will gather job prospects from current job sponsors, and work with board members, members of the Jobs committee, donors, members of the school community and friends of the school to further develop prospects. Using the constantly evolving database of leads and opportunities, he/she will develop and execute strategies to turn prospects into job partners. Engaging job committee members and board members is essential. To cultivate relationships, the Business Development Lead will do the following to promote CWSP:

  • Lead ongoing collaboration with the Jobs committee of the Board of Directors at both schools.
  • Lead the development and/or refinement of marketing materials for use with new job prospects.
  • Lead the logistics for the annual Fall Social. He/she will produce invitations, confirm an event date and location, work closely with the host venue, invite current and prospective partners, develop an event schedule and communicate event details to attendees. Following the social, the Business Development Lead will follow up with guests to secure new jobs.
  • Work closely with the Advancement/Development teams at both schools to source job leads, identify potential donors and support school events.

Once new job partners are identified and contracted, the Business Development Lead is responsible for compiling supervisor names, job descriptions and any work day preferences. With this information in hand, he/she will then smoothly transition the relationship to the Directors of Operation and CWSP relationship managers at each campus who lead onboarding and day-to-day operations.

Job Retention (30%): The Business Development Lead supports the renewal process for both Cristo Rey and Christ the King by managing a portfolio (approx. 60 companies) of existing job partners. The renewal process is primarily led by our Director of Corporate Relations who has responsibility for the remaining 150 corporate partners. To meet retention goals, the Business Development Lead will do the following for his/her portfolio of companies:

  • Gather renewal information such as key advocates and decision-makers at job partner sites, student-performance data and document when companies will consider a renewal request.
  • Conduct site visits with current partners who are responsible for contract renewal. Coordinating these visits with the Relationship Managers at both campuses, when relevant, and developing substantive agendas for these meetings is essential. In-person meetings that help job partners understand the impact of their partnership through compelling story-telling, will be an important component of this role.
  • Collaborating with the Director of Corporate Relations to develop and execute a marketing strategy that connects job partners with our school and creates actively engaged stakeholders for our mission. Events, impact reports, school tours, and periodic collateral/newsletters will be tools that our Sales function will thoughtfully plan and employ.

Salesforce (10%): The Business Development Lead helps to manage the Salesforce database and works proactively to ensure that all prospective and current job information is documented in Salesforce. Together with the Director of Corporate Relations, the VP of CWSP, and the Presidents of Cristo Rey and Christ the King, the Business Development Lead will ensure that all corporate partner exchanges related to job acquisition and renewals are documented in Salesforce.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the acquisition of new and expanding jobs, including stewarding and closing on sales pitches to prospective job partners;
  • Along with Director of Corporate Relations, responsible for the renewal process of a portfolio of current job partners, with the goal of 95% or higher renewal rate (CR) and 88% or higher renewal rate (CTK);
  • Responsible for relationship management, along with Presidents and Board members, of C- suite level decision makers, both at current job partners and prospective job partners;
  • Responsible for cultivating a customer relationship management approach for our job sales function that emphasizes responsiveness and accurate use of a CRM database;
  • Collaborates with Director of Communication at each school to coordinate a communications strategy for the program that targets existing partners, prospective partners, and maintains a high level of brand awareness;
  • Liaison to Board of Directors at both schools for the work-study program, and in collaboration with each Jobs Chair, leads the Jobs Committee;

Qualifications, Experience, and Personal Characteristics:

  • Demonstrated commitment to Catholic and Jesuit, faith-based education;
  • A desire to learn and be a part of the unique Cristo Rey mission, recognizing the educational value and financial importance of the work-study program;
  • Proven commitment to serve and connect on a personal level with Latino and African-American students and families from economically underserved communities;
  • Demonstrated success in sales or fundraising, in particular, pushing for jobs and opportunities for our students in the face of skepticism and doubt;
  • Confident in networking and cultivating strong professional relationships, and experience with customer relationship management;
  • History of success in meeting sales and performance goals;
  • Persuasive communication style, with excellent written/oral communication skills;
  • Creative, flexible, and entrepreneurial attitude.

Salary is commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits are included in the overall compensation package.
apply here

Assistant Cheerleading Coach

Seeking a responsible individual with a background in choreographing cheer dance routines and sideline cheers to coach our young but growing program. Must have good communication skills and work well with others. The team does sideline cheering and halftime routines at basketball games. Training begins in October and the season ends in February. There is a modest stipend for this position. Apply

Boys Basketball JV Head Coach

Seeking a knowledgeable basketball person and excellent role model to coach in our boys basketball program. Must be motivated, flexible, and a good communicator. There is a stipend for this position. Must be at least 21 years of age. Apply

Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

Seeking a knowledgeable basketball person and excellent role model to coach in our boys basketball program. Must be motivated, flexible, and a good communicator. There is a stipend for this position. Must be at least 21 years of age. Apply