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CR Alum's Business Helps Local Businesses Thrive

For CR alumna Mila Johnson Perez ('07), local and small businesses are the "soul of our city." Seeing how small businesses on the South side and West side were disproportionately affected as a result of the pandemic, Mila launched El Nopalito Delivery in April 2020. By offering grocery services, pre-order dine-in, delivery and pickup, El Nopalito Delivery is a small delivery business that allows small/local businesses to spread the word about their products and safely connect with residents. In contrast to other larger delivery services, Mila's mission is close to home - to help street vendors, such as paleteros, tamaleros and eloteros, as well as promote area businesses.

"The main reason I launched Nopalito Delivery was to help small businesses reach their customers safely in the midst of the pandemic and to create a system to publicize the wonderful products of small businesses in our community." Johnson said in an interview with Business Now.

Mila hopes to expand El Nopalito Delivery's coverage into other Chicago neighborhoods, and eventually become a nationwide business.

Cristo Rey is so proud of Mila's entrepreneurship and her mission to support the Pilsen community, and we look forward to seeing where it takes her.

Read more in Spanish news outlet Negocios Now.