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CR Student Speaks at National Conference

More than 30 students and faculty participated in the annual Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice Conference at the end of October. Although a delegation of students was not able to travel to Washington D.C., the Ignatian Solidarity Network provided engaging opportunities to listen to the voices of social justice in the United States. Cristo Rey junior Lizbeth V. gave a powerful account of her social activism and encouraged everyone to move forward for change and justice.

In Lizbeth's own words: “I'm a 17 year-old Latina, currently living in the South Side of Chicago. My current "job" has been an activist. I want to educate my people on the issues that young people and I face everyday. It's not just about me getting fame but making sure that these stories that have been lost can come to the light and be heard. Spanish is the first language I learned to speak and I'm so proud to speak it. I'm part of #IncreaseThePeace, an organization fighting the violence in the neighborhood.”

Watch Lizbeth's full speech HERE (17:04-21:35)