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Fieldtrips Go Virtual

Jennifer Swanson, Science Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director

On Wednesday, September 23, the Cristo Rey freshmen class made a virtual visit to the Indian Creek Zoo in Lambertville, Michigan. Guided by Dr. Jason Crean, students were introduced to Puzzles the Giraffe, Jimmy the Ball Python, and a number of other animals that are native to parts of Africa. Freshmen begin their Biology curriculum with a unit on Africa, so this field trip was both fun and educational. Dr. Crean walked around and got up close and personal with the animals you see in these pictures and many others. Students learned about each animal's feeding niche and the many behavioral and physical adaptations that help ensure survival.

When asked what they thought of the field trip one student responded, "Well, it was like going there, but without the bad smells and all the walking around." Student response was overall very positive and we're grateful to Dr. Crean and his team at All Species Education Consulting for making this cool opportunity available to our students while we are learning remotely.

Pictured here are Puzzles the Giraffe, an African Tortoise, a Demoiselle Crowned Crane, and a Zedonk. We learned that the Zedonk is a Zebra and Donkey hybrid. It was previously a pet whose owners could not properly care for him. He now lives at the zoo with the Grants Zebras.