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New virtual clubs provide outlet for fun and relaxation

The impact of the pandemic for Cristo Rey students is not limited to the classroom, but also to after-school clubs and extracurriculars. While many sports and activities have been postponed or canceled, faculty and staff have come up with creative ways to keep students engaged in activities and foster Cristero school spirit online.

Some clubs, like Improv Club and even Mock Trial, have been able to successfully adapt to the virtual environment. New clubs and extracurricular activities that have popped up due to the pandemic – such as Dungeons & Dragons club (below), e-sports, kitchen skills, and yoga (pictured above) – lend themselves to virtual experiences.

For senior Roselyn M., participating in Ms. Napoli’s yoga club has not only become a fun activity, but one she looks forward to each Wednesday evening. “Yoga isn't (entirely) about the "difficult" poses, stretches, or how flexible you are,” Roselyn said. “It's meant to help you find ways to de-stress and let go of anything bothering you. I always look forward to that one hour of yoga with Ms. Napoli to learn new ways to do just this.”

As the first semester comes to an end, students and staff alike will continue exploring creative ways to connect, de-stress, and keep the Cristero spirit alive.