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New Year Aspirations for Cristo Rey: Principal's Reflection

New Year Aspirations for Cristo Rey: Principal's Reflection

Dear Cristeros and Cristo Rey Community,

Welcome to 2023! In this new year, I invite you to open a new book. The pages are blank, and we are going to put words. The book is called Opportunity/Oportunidad and the first chapter is January. I hope your debut chapter of 2023 involves time spent with your family, friends and loved ones. May your chapters be filled with reflections of opportunity, courage, love, happiness, and growth. Write your narrative and, “don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”  

This year I started my first chapter of 2023 in Tucson, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert visiting family. Southern Arizona is such a beautiful and special place to connect with nature and reflect. I enjoyed endless views and hikes of the Sonoran Desert. Unlike the landscape of Chicago full of tall buildings, Tucson is a smaller city surrounded by mountains and saguaro cacti. Although Arizona is hundreds of miles away from Chicago and Cristo Rey, the saguaros continuously remind me of our Cristeros and Cristeras. In the uniqueness of their environment, they both find a place to “bloom where they are planted.” The symbol of the saguaro expresses the idea of standing tall, adapting to the environment, and enduring strength. Whether at school, work, field, on the court, stage, or their communities, our students adapt to the uniqueness of their environment with stature and strength.

As we conclude first semester and begin second semester, I continuously learn and am very proud of the power and perseverance of our students. Cristo Rey continues to be a leading school in the Cristo Rey Network of 38 schools. Our student outcomes consistently demonstrate exceptional academic growth and college readiness. The average grade point average and course success rate is among the highest in the school’s history. This second semester, we will continue to build on the successes of the first semester and student experience. In a couple of months, I am excited to celebrate the very talented Class of 2023.

I look forward to all the incredible stories that will be written in 2023 by our Cristeros and Cristeras.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Mayra Gradilla