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Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The new Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program allows individuals and corporations to donate to approved Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) and receive a credit on their Illinois state taxes in return. Under the Program, specially approved Scholarship Granting Organizations match donor funds to qualifying students as scholarships. Applications to make a qualifying donation should be submitted through the IL Department of Revenue website on January 2, 2018 and the application process can take up to two weeks. Donors no longer need to stay up until midnight on January 2nd, 2018 in order to reserve their tax credits.  Instead, applications for Credit Authorization Certificates (CAC) will now open at 8am (CST) on January 2.

-For more information on this Program, click here.

-To visit the MyTax IL website, click here.

-For a guide to using the MyTax IL website to make your donation, click here.

-For a guide to obtaining by mail the ID Letter required to create your MyTax IL account, click here.

 Once you log on to your account on MyTax.Illinois.Gov, in the middle of the landing page under the "Accounts" tab, there is the word “Individual” in blue. Click on that word and in the upper right hand corner there will be a section called “I Want To” and “Contribute to Invest In Kids” is one of the links you can select.

Please note: there is also an “I Want To” section on the landing page when you first log in. This landing page is not where you will see “Contribute to Invest In Kids.” You must click on the word “Individual” that is in blue in the middle of the page.

After you reserve your credits:

1) Save your Contribution Authorization Certificate (CAC) by logging into your account, going into the “Correspondence” section and downloading your Contribution Authorization Certificate, listed as “Invest in Kids Contribution APPL.”

2) Visit the Empower Illinois or Big Shoulders Fund SGO websites for directions on how to make your donation within 60 days of receiving your CAC.

3) When you make your online or mail-in donation to Empower Illinois or Big Shoulders Fund, make sure to designate your donation to Cristo Rey Jesuit H.S. in Chicago.  Please see your chosen SGO’s website for detailed instructions.


Este año, el estado de Illinois creó un nuevo programa de becas "crédito fiscal”. Para más información: