Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


What is the LAC?

Leadership Advisory Council (LAC)

The Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) is a group of young professionals and alumni (age: 23-39) looking to improve the lives of high school students from predominantly immigrant families with limited financial means. The LAC are ambassadors for our school mission through event participation, philanthropy, school-related volunteering, and helping to spread our social and corporate footprint. Since its founding in 2002, the LAC has helped make Cristo Rey one of the nation's most successful solutions to educational access by advocating for our students and their families throughout Chicago.
The LAC Commitment
As a Leadership Advisory Council member, we ask you to:
  • Volunteer your time by attending the majority of quarterly meetings, at least one school gathering or volunteering opportunity, and joining a subcommittee.
  • Learn more and experience a lunch and tour at Cristo Rey.
  • Invest in our students and commit to a recurring monthly donation - $19.96 - the year Cristo Rey was founded. This financial contribution can be offset by event corporate sponsorships, company matching gift programs, or in-kind donations.
  • Share our mission with colleagues and friends. Help introduce new people to Cristo Rey and the Work Study Program through your social networks and other membership organizations.
Each LAC member typically recommits in the fall of each academic year and remains active through the following summer. Select members who have been on the LAC for multiple years and who have displayed dedication and leadership skills may be asked to join the LAC Executive Committee, which oversees the LAC subcommittees.
For more information, contact Ryan Daily at or (773) 890-6816.