Cristo Rey Jesuit High School



The athletic department at Cristo Rey is more than just a sports program. Our mission is to develop the character of our student athletes and teach them the discipline of excellence. We encourage our student athletes to be role models in their school, family, and communities. Strong Christian character, leadership skills, and work ethic are the goals for sports participation. As a result, each team creates a set of Covenants that define their focus for the season. An example could be: pride, integrity, and perseverance. We ask parents to reinforce this message by asking their sons and daughters how they are applying the Team Covenants at practice, in classes, and at home. Cristo Rey offers a variety of sports with varied degrees of competitive and commitment levels including varsity, junior varsity, and intramural sports.

Cristo Rey, in partnership with local leaders, opened Pilsen Community Field at our neighborhood’s largest outdoor space, Harrison Park. The multipurpose, all-weather, public space houses turf fields for soccer, softball, little league, and lacrosse just four blocks north of our school campus. The field is open all day to both Cristo Rey and the local community, and it is frequently used by teams and families throughout the year.