Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


Our School

Cristo Rey is proud to form students to be “men and women for others” who go out and put their marks on the world. Our school has excelled in combining an academically rigorous Catholic and Jesuit education with the real-world experience provided through our Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Situated in a neighborhood suffering from low graduation rates, our college preparatory and dual-language program were designed to set high academic standards, while being responsive to our students’ strengths and needs. This results in students becoming self-directed learners and responsible contributors to their communities. 
We regard our students’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds as strengths, and our curriculum provides the support for achieving dual-language proficiency in all our graduates. Our dual-language program promotes proficiency in both Spanish and English. To accomplish this, a number of courses besides Spanish language classes are taught in Spanish. 
Rigorous coursework, designed to be both engaging and intellectually challenging, combined with a supportive faculty and staff, offer every student enrolled the opportunity for success. Cristo Rey is committed to integrating community service with academic study to enrich learning, strengthen communities, and further the formation of “men and women for others.”