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* Only juniors may apply for this scholarship!

* Freshmen may NOT apply to this scholarship.

* Only freshmen & juniors may apply for this scholarship.

* Only sophomores and juniors may apply for this scholarship.

* Juniors and seniors preferred

Talk about either work or training, depending on your situation last year and this year..​​
GPA is 'grade point average.' Example: 3.25 (Ask your asesor.)​​​ If you are a FRESHMAN, just answer 'yes' or 'no': Did you earn all 'A's and 'B's last year?
Students of Irish ancestry preferred
E.g. - grandparent; great-grandparent?​​​​

Short Essays

4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​​​​​
3-5 complete, well-written sentences​
3-5 complete, well-written sentences
4-8 complete, well-written sentence​​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​​​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​. Remember, this scholarship is for being a leader in some way.​ The focus is on what you DID LAST year, but also how you hope to stay a leader this year.
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​. Remember, this scholarship rewards students for being involved.​​
Have you won an award for this? Have you tried new activities? Changed your relationship with God? Have you dramatically improved yourself?
4-8 complete, well-written sentences​​​
Write 4-8 complete sentences explaining how you demonstrate your love of science, technology, engineering, or math through classes and extracurricular activities.​
Write 4-8 well-written, complete sentences.​​​
Write 4-8 well-written, complete sentences.​
Write 4-8 well-written, complete sentences.​
Attach a 1-page essay on why unions are important to your family. (See Mrs. Zamora for guidance or examples) ​​
Max file size: 10 MB


i.e. - teacher; pastor​​​​​​​​​

Your recommender should email a 2-3 sentence recommendation, to advancement@cristorey.net, describing why you are a good fit for this scholarship.