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Jesuit Volunteer Program

After graduation, consider joining Cristo Rey as a Jesuit Volunteer and make a meaningful impact while gaining real-world work experience.

JV SPOTLIGHT : Elizabeth Nieto

Elizabeth is a Jesuit Volunteer working in our College Counseling office. This office works one on one with students and their families throughout their Cristo Rey years to prepare them for their college experience. Elizabeth’s tie to Cristo Rey is a sentimental one – she is a Cristo Rey alum from the class of 2014.

“After graduation, I knew that I wanted to do some type of service program before I went back to pursue a master’s degree. I saw there was an opportunity to be a part of the CR community in a different way through the Jesuit Volunteer Program. I applied and I could not be any happier with my decision. My official role with this department is to help students find scholarships to fund their undergraduate education. However, my team encourages me to give my feedback on how to better help prepare our students based on my experiences in higher education. Getting to work closely with students, especially the seniors, as they get ready to start a new chapter in their life, is an extremely important task. Every day I strive to help empower them to make their own choices and support them through everything. I am grateful to be a part of their college planning process.”

Why Be a Jesuit Volunteer?

Call to Serve

The goal of the program is to match the needs of the school with the interests, gifts, and talents of the volunteers. Placements could include: classroom teacher, campus minister, retreat leader, college counselor, admissions officer, athletic coach, extracurricular moderator, and more. Driving students to their corporate work-study jobs in an essential need of the school and all volunteers are asked to drive once daily. Volunteers live in an intentional community near the school in Pilsen.


Volunteers live in a well-equipped, four bedroom apartment, close to public transportation and the school in Pilsen. Volunteers live in intentional community with other members of the program and embrace a lifestyle of simplicity during their tenure. The Volunteers share the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the volunteer residence. CRJVs share their daily triumphs and failures at community meals, they work together on projects within the school, and they build relationships between one another through community activities, retreats, and reflection times. Intentional community living is a profound, unique, and challenging way to approach service with and for others.

Spiritual Growth

Life at Cristo Rey is about much more than education. As a school in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Cristo Rey encourages each volunteer to find ways to embrace a personal and communal spirituality that is life giving. Volunteers engage in communal prayer times, community Mass, retreats, and other spiritual activities of their choice as they come to understand the ways in which God calls each one of us.

Simple Living

The primary responsibility for simple living rests with the volunteer. It is a clear objective of the CRJV Program that all aspects of the volunteer’s service be charged with a commitment to simple living. This has been defined as seeking an understanding of sustainability in one’s own life and the life of the community, as living within one’s means, as making concerted efforts to conserve and reuse, and as actively engaging in the discernment process to make such determinations. While it is clear that this is no simple task, it is our hope that the community can engage in their struggle to live simply as a community and its members can explore what it means to live simply in the context of Christian spirituality and the volunteer experience.

Download the 2020-21 application. For more information, please contact Jason Dillon.