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Non-Profit Jobs

The Non-Profit Jobs Fund was established to provide tuition for students who work at non-profit organizations. All Cristo Rey students hold full-time work study positions to help finance their high school tuition. In addition to our for-profit companies, each year there are students who work at local non-profit organizations.

Students working at for-profit companies earn tuition for each team of four students. Non-profit organizations, however, are not asked to pay for their student help. Instead, Cristo Rey absorbs the potential tuition income that these students could be making at a for-profit corporation as a part of our commitment to our community. Our goal is to find funding for non-profit job teams so that our school can continue to send students to support the work of these important organizations.

Why do our students work at Non-Profit Organizations?

Providing work experience in the non-profit sector is an essential component of the leadership formation of Cristo Rey students as they become “Men and Women for Others.” Considering our founding mission, we commit to civic engagement within the larger community.

Students often have the opportunity to give back to their communities by working at non-profit organizations, which often serve our students' neighborhoods. Students often have the opportunity to assume roles with greater responsibility at our non-profit partners.

Non-profit engagement also serves a practical purpose for the Corporate Work Study Program. Non-profit jobs allow us to provide professional fluidity during times of transition: a student working at a non-profit organization can quickly substitute in the rare occasions when a team member leaves a corporation, keeping for-profit positions filled at all times.

Funding Non-Profit Jobs

If you or your organization is interested in supporting a non-profit team or student, please use our online giving form or contact Morgan Collier, Executive Vice President, at (773) 890-6818 for more information.