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All students take a rigorous college preparatory curriculum rooted in the liberal arts. Coursework requires four years of English, Math, and Religion and three years of Science and Social Science. Cristo Rey does not track students.

All of this takes place within our distinct dual language program, which promotes proficiency in both Spanish and English. The program requires that 30% of classes be taught entirely in Spanish; the remaining 70% of coursework is taught in English.

Freshman Year

English 1
Fine Arts 1: Intro to Music
(H) Algebra 1
Religion 1: Catholic Christianity*
(H) Biology
Introduction to Technology
Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1: Introductory Grammar and Literature

Sophomore Year

English 2
Algebra II or
(H) Algebra II with Geometry
Religion 2: Hebrew Scripture/Sacraments*
(H) Physics
World History*
Spanish for Heritage Learners II: Intermediate Grammar and Literature*

Junior Year

American Literature
Geometry or (H) Pre-Calculus
Religion 3: New Testament/Church History
(H) Chemistry
U.S. History
History of the Americas*
Advanced Spanish III: History of the Americas

Senior Year

AP English Literature and Composition
Fine Arts 4: Art History
Advanced Algebra/Statistics
(H) Calculus +
Fundamentals of Pre-Calculus
(H) Statistics and Probability
Ethics and Christian Life
Advanced Biology
AP United States Government and Politics
AP Spanish Literature and Culture*

*Courses taught in Spanish as part of the dual language program.
(H) Honors option available.
+Due to availability, only one Honors Calculus class is offered to Seniors

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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 28.5 credits are required for graduation, including:

  • Corporate Work Study Program: 1 Credit/year
  • Electives: 1.5 Credits
  • English: 1 Credit/year
  • Fine Arts: .5 Credit
  • Mathematics: 1 Credit/year
  • Physical Education: .5 Credit
  • Religion: 1 Credit/year
  • Science: 3 Credits
  • Social Studies: 3 Credits
  • Spanish: 1 Credit/year

Additional Opportunities

Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute (AVLI)
AVLI coursework utilizes the online format that students might expect to experience in college. The focus is on student engagement, communication, and meaningful assessment. AVLI classes will be designated on the transcript.