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Counseling & Support


The counseling department at Cristo Rey is committed to identifying, processing, and addressing the individual needs of our students, whether they be personal and/or academic.

We provide professional individual counseling services to students while creating a safe, caring and supportive environment. The counseling department aims to breakdown the stigma that surrounds mental health and we promote self-care to students. We teach students strategies to help them understand and cope with issues that may come up during adolescence.

We recognize every student is different and we meet them where they are, therefore we design our goals based on the unique needs of each student.

Virtual Counseling Office


Joan Brennan

School Counselor

Lorena De Santiago Gilliat

School Counselor

Adilene Ferreira

Counseling Intern

Gabriela Garcia

Director of Counseling

Kristen Hawrysz

Counseling Intern

Carly Marshall

Counseling Intern

Elyse Morris

Counseling Intern

Estela Sorensen '09

School Counselor