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Welcome to the Dean's Office page. My goal as Dean is to help students become men and women for others by being responsible young adults who recognize that their actions have consequences and affect themselves and others around them. I highly value respect and honesty. I encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, to learn from each one, and to use them as ways to grow as people of faith and character. I strive to work with the students and their families to make sure we are doing everything possible to help the students achieve maximum success here at Cristo Rey.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mayra Gradilla
Dean of Students
(773) 890-6826 | mgradilla@cristorey.net

Attendance Policies

Unforeseen Absences

A parent or guardian should telephone the school at (773) 890-6800 or leave a message at (773) 890-7119 before 9:00 a.m. and briefly state the nature of the unforeseen absence. A phone call must be made for each day the student is absent.

Foreseen Absences

A foreseen absence requires that the parent or guardian write a note, in advance, notifying the Front Office of a scheduled foreseen absence. The Front Office will then issue a Foreseen Absence / Early Release form to the student to be completed prior to departure from Cristo Rey and returned to the Front Office. Upon returning to school, the student must report to the Front Office to obtain an admit slip. Please note that a foreseen absence is not necessarily an excused absence. Appropriate consequences may be added for not following this procedure.

Returning to School

Upon returning to school after each absence from school or work, the student must report to the Front Office between 7:45 – 8:00 a.m. The student must present an absence note to the Registrar from a parent or guardian with an acceptable excuse. Once the absence note is accepted, the student will receive a pass to proceed to class. If a student does not have a note from a parent or guardian, he or she will receive a daily detention. A detention will be assigned each day thereafter until a note is submitted to the Front Office.

Early Release

If a student is to be released early, he/she should present a note from a parent or guardian to the Front Office by 8:00 a.m. stating the time, reason for departure, and manner of departure. In case of illness, a parent/guardian or emergency contact must come to Cristo Rey and sign out his or her son/daughter in person.

Scheduling Outside Appointments

Parents are requested to schedule medical and dental appointments during non-school and non-CWSP hours. Vacations, college visits and other such activities should be scheduled after reviewing the school calendar so as not to conflict with school attendance. Students may not miss CWSP work days to attend extracurricular activities or events including conferences and trips.

Excessive Absences

Students with 10 or more absences are required to schedule a meeting with the a parent/guardian and the Dean of Students. Excessive absences may result in a student being dismissed from Cristo Rey or losing credit for coursework. Absences from work are considered school absences. A student may face the possibility of losing credit for work and may be dismissed if work absences are in excess of 3 per semester or 5 in one year.

Medical Absences

Absences due to medical conditions must be certified by a physician’s note and turned into the Front Office upon return to school/work. Students with a medical emergency requiring a hospital visit must have a physician’s note authorizing that the student is able to return to school/work. Extended absence due to illness or injury will be treated on an individual basis. Parents must notify the school as soon as possible.


Absence from school, class, or work without sufficient reason is considered truancy and may result in suspension. Additional offenses may result in additional and increasingly severe disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Absence for Work

Each student is expected to attend work each and every day work is assigned. Since each student works only 5 days per month, missing a day of work is a very serious event. Cristo Rey and the student promise the sponsor that they will fulfill their work responsibilities for the entire school year. Sponsors pay Cristo Rey for this work, and students automatically receive financial credit toward their education. If a student does not work, Cristo Rey must recoup the financial credit to the student. Missing work for any reason will result in a $100.00 fine. Fines are added to the student’s tuition balance.

A student must make up any absence as soon as possible. Once an absence has been made up, the student is eligible to receive a $75.00 tuition credit back from the original fine. The student is responsible for making the arrangements with her/his supervisor and notifying the CWSP Office. Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from work for any day they must make up. If a Sponsor’s schedule offers no opportunity for the student to make up an absence, the student must schedule a make-up workday with the CWSP staff. Missing a scheduled make-up workday will be considered an additional absence and the student forfeits the full $100.00 fine and receives no refund.

If a student ends the school year with more than one absence that is not made up, it will result in a failing grade for the Corporate Work Study Program, and the student will be liable to expulsion or asked not to return to Cristo Rey the next school year. Students are expected to make up the day during the semester in which the absence occurred. If a student misses a scheduled make-up day, he or she will have to make up two days (one for the original absence and the other for the make-up day). The student will receive a grade of incomplete (I) until all absences are made up.

Tardiness Policy

Tardiness is defined as not being in one’s assigned seat and prepared to begin class when the bell rings. Tardiness to school, class, or work is not acceptable.

  • If a student is tardy to school, the student must report to the Front Office to receive a signed admit slip in order to enter class. Each tardy to school will be entered into the student’s attendance record.
  • Students arriving late, but by 8:15 a.m. are allowed three tardies for the year before receiving a detention. Parents/guardians are notified when a student reaches the third tardy. With the fourth tardy and every tardy thereafter, the student will receive a daily detention.
  • A student who arrives after 8:15 a.m. but before 9 a.m. or misses the CWSP bus will automatically receive a Saturday detention regardless of how many times they have been tardy to school.
  • If a student accumulates two tardies within a week, he/she will receive a Saturday detention.

Disciplinary Consequences

Level I Infractions

The discipline system at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School recognizes that different action must be taken depending upon the circumstances of the incident. As such, the discipline system attempts to reflect differences in student decision-making by delineating between the severity of infractions. The following is a two-tiered system which addresses minor infractions and more severe infractions in different ways:

Level I Infractions
These infractions are considered errors in judgment, but not serious violations of the Cristo Rey Disciplinary Code. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to, one time occurrences of chewing gum on school property, dress code violations, tardy to school and to class, etc. If a student commits an infraction, the faculty/staff will ask for the student’s I.D. card. The faculty/staff will record the infraction as one detention and give back to the student his/her I.D. The student must initial the record to verify their knowledge of the infraction. The faculty/staff will, in turn, give the record of the detention to the Dean. Students will receive an immediate consequence consisting of a daily detention, which can be served during lunch the same day if it is received in the morning but must be served by the next school day during lunch.

A student must have a Student I.D. with them at all times. Although the faculty/staff will give one detention per infraction, any student not possessing a Student I.D. may receive an additional detention.

If a daily detention is not attended, students will be required to attend daily detention for two consecutive days. If a student does not attend the two consecutive daily detentions to make up for the one, additional consequences will be issued.

Level II Infractions

Daily Detentions

  1. Detentions will be held daily during each lunch period in the faculty dining room and served the day following the infraction.
  2. Students must report to the faculty dining room at the start of their lunch period. Students who are late will receive additional consequences.
  3. Detentions take precedence over any other school activity.

Saturday Detentions

Saturday detentions are issued only through the Dean’s Office and are reserved for serious infractions and where previously indicated.

  1. Saturday detentions will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on dates designated by the Dean of Students.
  2. If a student misses his/her assigned Saturday detention, a meeting will be held with the student to determine further consequences.
  3. As Saturday detentions are serious consequences reserved for serious violations of the Disciplinary Code, repeated Saturday detentions are grounds for further and more severe consequences.
  4. If the student is assigned a Saturday detention, the parents will receive a phone call from the Dean of Students explaining the reason for the detention.
  5. If the student cannot attend a Saturday detention for any personal reason, a parent/guardian must justify the absence in writing before the date the detention is scheduled to be served. The Dean of Students will call the parents to confirm theabsence.

Dress Code

The Dress Code at Cristo Rey requires every student to dress in a professional, modest, conservative, and safe manner.

  • Male students must wear dress pants, dress shoes, a button-down long-sleeve dress shirt with a tie, and a belt.
  • Female students must wear a button-down dress blouse with dress pants or a skirt and dress shoes.
  • Hair styles, make-up, and jewelry should be professional and conservative at all times.

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