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5A5B Scholarship Fund (CLOSED)

The 5A5B Foundation is a charitable organization founded by a group of friends from Boston College. Their mission is to provide ambitious and motivated young students with a quality Jesuit education. In partnership with Christo Rey, they offer a Scholarship Fund to support deserving students who may otherwise lack the means for such an education. The 5A5B Foundation aims to create a positive impact on students' lives and empower them for a better future.

Learn more about the origin story and the Boston College Alumni behind The 5A5B Foundation.


  • Students must apply and be accepted in 9th grade.
  • Students must maintain a GPA above a 3.0 average and demonstrate a strong desire and commitment to improve their overall GPA in High School
  • Students must abide by the code of conduct written by the 5A5B Foundation - Recipients of The 5A5B Foundation Scholarship are expected to abide by the following – maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on an annual basis, avoid any disciplinary action as a result of their behavior at school and commit to giving back to their community as inspired by The Jesuit Tradition of being “Men and Women for Others.”  This criteria will be reviewed by The Board annually to ensure the student is meeting the standard that is required to be a recipient of The 5A5B Foundation Scholarship award.
  • Students will be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities beyond their schoolwork and they will be evaluated accordingly.
  • The scholarship is given to support one student throughout their four-year high school career, subject to an annual review by The Board of the student’s overall performance and compliance with these requirements at the end of each school year.


  • Up to $2,950 per year, renewable

To apply:

  • Freshman only
  • Submit 8th grade report card