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Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe


2020 has been a difficult year, but the faith that we have for Our Lady of Guadalupe is unwavering. This year, we might not be able to be together as a school celebrating Our Lady but we are together in prayer and in spirit. The art and representation of  Our Lady of Guadalupe by Daniela G. was chosen by our staff and faculty to represents this year's prayer card. Below are the entries of our talented students that call themselves guadalupanos! Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Pray for us. 

Daniela G. (winner)

I have felt the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout the whole year but especially during the lockdown caused by the pandemic. I felt her presence watching over me while I watched all the riots happening in downtown praying everyone I love stayed safe.

Prayer Card English

Prayer Card Spanish



Alyze M.

This year has been looked upon as a complete disaster. With obstacles like the pandemic, the deaths of many, the racial injustices, the oppression against those in the LGBTQ+ community, the division of those who have opposing political views, and much more. Despite all the negativity, we look up to godly figures. The Virgin de Guadalupe being one of them. Through it all, she's been one to look over and take care of us. Giving us the hope to move forward through the chaos of what is 2020.

 Entry #2



Priscilla B.

Every night, we do the Rosary as a family. We add in some prayers that are very special to us. One includes the Prayer to Our Country, which inspired my drawing. Another is a prayer to la Virgen de Guadalupe. We got that prayer card on our visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe with my grandparents... To deal with those inequalities, you must first accept the most basic human right: life. This is such an important topic for me, that I am in the process of writing a novel about it with the help of la Virgen de Guadalupe and God. She is the Virgen of this continent, and I can feel her working and praying for those babies. She backs me up and covers me as I pray for the victims. There’s a feeling I can’t describe when I feel her listening and praying for the billions who have no voice. 



Erick J.

I saw the moments of grace in 2020 during the lockdown were I was feeling extremely down but I got out of that phase. I'm so grateful to feel the presence of our lady of Guadalupe.



Lizbeth M.

Recently I’ve been feeling the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe when going back to the lockdown. This month has been the hardest for my family and I. We’ve  had our ups and downs and didn’t really knew how to deal with each emotion. When we did got into a difficult situation it was hard to take in, either one of us was angry and upset or unhappy and sad. For some magical reason we found someway to make it positive or to just lighten up the mood. Whether it was my mom teaching us how to cook, or watching fail compilations, and even just talking to each other about what we hope to do when when 2021 comes around. In those moments I definitely did felt relief and somehow hopeful at the same time. I might’ve not been able to realize it in those times but when I think about it, it truly does amaze me every time. Our lady of Guadalupe brings us together in our darkest times by bringing her light in and showing us the many ways to get along as a family.



Melina C.

This year has been a lot of things so when creating this drawing I wanted to try and catch everything into a symbol. I drew hands in the form when you received the eucharist. Also showing that we are in gods hands so we are in loving and good hands. The hands are holding a butterfly, a symbol of life. also known as the butterfly effect “we all effect each other” just like 2020 has shown us more than ever we need everyone to do their part. I drew a vine intertwining with the hands to show how this year has been a tangled road but there’s still beauty in it so I drew roses not only for that but for a symbol of the Virgin Mary.



Michelle M.

Our Lady of Guadalupe has brought me peace and made me feel calm. Every night I pray to her for my family to be okay and for us to be alive. I pray to her for my family, for my friends, for people that are sick, people that are homeless. I pray to her that we don’t feel down no more in this pandemic our lives have changed by a lot not only mine but every single person’s too. I want this pandemic to be over already, for us to continue with our normal lives I know this won’t be possible right now but I hope soon it does. That we are all happy and gather our family’s  like the old days. That we share Christmas together or any other holiday together. I pray for all of our families to stay safe let’s all pray for this to get better.



Elizabeth A.

I felt the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, by noticing that my family and friends we are much more together. Having good health during the pandemic, and being able to move forward and live another day. Also having faith each day and thanking each day. And I realize that things can start getting better, because my generation and other generations can help this country. During the lockdown my family had each day faith that there would be a vaccine for Covid-19.



Heidy R.

Although this year may have not been the greatest, Our Lady of Guadalupe hasn't abandon us. I have felt her presence everyday with me. She was there when I wasn't at my greatest at the beginning of quarantine. She has been with me when I lost my friends and being far away from my family and friends. She's been with me during the struggles of online school. But she has also been there when the world was falling apart; through the pandemic, the marches for justice, for the kids and families separated in the border, separations of families and friends, through the election and finding someone who can help fix this situation, through online school, helping students and teachers to give the best education possible, and many more situations that have occurred in 2020. She has given us hope that this isn't forever but tomorrow there will be solution with her in our presence.



Reggie R.

I felt the presence when I thought that there was no help that the community was giving to help stop Covid-19 but the Lady of Guadalupe did help by giving us hope that next year we could stop the spread of Covid-19. The graceful moments that I've seen are my family since everything else everyone took in violence, I think that my family was the reason why I keep trying and trying to do my best academically and mentally.