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Robotics Club

Reybots compete in the FIRST Midwest Regional competition

On March 8 and 9, 2019, our very own robotics team--the Reybots--competed at the FIRST Midwest Regional competition at UIC! This season, the team worked tirelessly to create a working, moving robot that to compete against 60 other teams from all over the world. The team brought their A-game to the event: Robert Fadrowski and Nahum DeLaSancha raced against time to successfully complete a working arm for our robot (nicknamed the Pinocchio 3000). Temo Pineda solidified the programming needed to ensure our robot could sucessfully operate remotely on the field. Anthony Gudino, Briana Tapia, and Jessica Guzman rounded out the driving team to strategize and operate the robot during rounds of competition. Additional support came from Marely Alcazar, Angel Granja, Axel Gutierrez, Emilio Salas, Jackie Chavez, Giselle Palomino, Christopher Tovar, and Alexa Valadez. Finally, as our Safety Captain, Dexter Sierra ensured all protocol was followed around all the heavy machinery and power tools. The Reybots maneuvered their way to 13th place on Saturday before eventually coming in 33rd for the competition. An excellent showing for the team's sophomore year and congrats to all involved!