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A Day in the Life of a Student Worker

At Cristo Rey, learning doesn’t solely take place in the classroom. One day per week, every student works at their Corporate Work Study Program job throughout Chicago. Students like Lesley work in real jobs at real companies and work alongside professionals through CWSP that complements the academic curriculum.

Lesley is a sophomore at Cristo Rey and works at LaSalle Network. On days that Lesley works, she wakes up at 6:45am to arrive at school by 7:45am to check-in with the CWSP team and then boards the Cristo Rey bus to go downtown.

Upon arriving at her job by 8:45am, Lesley greets her coworkers and then logs into her computer to review her schedule for the day.

Lesley shares that "everyone at LaSalle is super welcoming and friendly. Working at LaSalle has helped me to be more confident around adults, and I’ve also learned I can handle more responsibility than I thought."

Typically Lesley spends her mornings with the marketing department working on a variety of projects including creating folders for the sales team, putting together packages for clients, and crafting invitations for various events.

Around 1pm, Lesley takes her lunch break and meets up with her friends that also participate in the CWSP.

After lunch, Lesley spends her time with the human resources department. They assign her projects involving preparing materials for new hires, organizing HR paperwork and assisting with open enrollment periods with their existing employees.

In Lesley’s downtime, she restocks the copy machines with paper and toner and tidies up the common spaces.

At the end of the day, Lesley checks in with her supervisor to provide a status update on the projects she worked on and then she loads the Cristo Rey bus and returns to school by 6pm.

Sample of Student Jobs

Students work in a variety of industries. Please contact us for more specific job descriptions that are relevant to your industry.


  • Prepare expense reports and outgoing invoices
  • Audit expense reports for comptroller
  • Assist with accounts receivable projects and organization
  • Research and verify payment status via ebill system
  • Run various account reports

Human Resources

  • Assist with payroll, data entry, and label creation
  • Process interview and new hire paperwork
  • Create multi-media materials for external partners
  • Manage employee files, including transfer to electronic format and shred outdated documents
  • Input and reconcile data across multiple databases


  • Code and program web applications
  • Conduct research for internal webpages
  • Track internal data using spreadsheets
  • Install computer hardware and assist in software updates and repairs
  • Process laptops (hard drive testing & wiping)


  • Assist with production of printed and digital marketing materials
  • Create nametags and folders for meetings
  • Maintain promotional item inventory and organization
  • Assist with website administration
  • Responsible for maintaining client contact information on the database

Office Services

  • Process outgoing mail by stamping, sorting and delivering to mailbox
  • Manage conference room scheduling and set-up/ break-down
  • Track all incoming and outgoing boxes for off-site storage
  • Assist with special projects, filing, scanning, binding, copying
  • Distribute all incoming packages to associates’ desks
"Working with Lesley every week is an absolute joy! She’s always eager to learn, asks for help when she needs it, and completes tasks quickly and efficiently. Having Lesley join our team has lifted some of the administrative burden and we’re excited to see her each week!" - Madison, Lesley's supervisor