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Remote Work

For Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, the transition to remote work for student workers began in March 2020, driven by a combination of factors related to COVID-19. Nearly 80 students collaborated with 30 CWSP corporate partners to deliver added value work and participate in professional development. Remote work represents an opportunity to achieve the intended outcomes of the work study model for both student workers, and job partners, but in a wholly new, innovative manner.

Cristo Rey is preparing for remote work by taking the following steps:

  • Assigning every student a school-provided computing device. Employers can also provide devices to be stored in secured cart
  • Requiring all remote student workers undergo training in: IT security, confidentiality, online threat protection, remote work best practices
  • Providing students with secure, high-speed internet at school and at home
  • Supporting student supervisors by providing remote work orientations, sharing sample job descriptions, giving access to virtual curriculums, connecting companies with resources
  • Making CWSP managers available to: provide pre-work orientation, supervise and troubleshoot throughout the workday, maintain bi-weekly student check ins, instruct monthly professional development sessions

Student Professional Development and Engagement

While CWSP remote work might involve engaging with students on day-to-day business activities, projects and tasks, students’ workdays can also be utilized for training and development. Your company can continue to work with students, in lieu of hosting on-site with learning and development challenges, research projects, and e-training classes.

First Year Business Institute

With fewer, more resource-intensive student jobs projected for the upcoming school year, freshmen will forego the two-week, intensive Summer Business Training to prepare for their work-study jobs for the first time in school history. Instead, freshmen will participate in a year-long First Year Business Institute, to prepare for employment in the 2021-2022 year. This unique curriculum will level-set this year’s freshmen class so they are ready to seamlessly enter an office environment with the skills they need to be successful next year.