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Why It Works: Partner Impact

Pathways to Diversity

Corporate Work Study Partners believe the intentional investments in people and communities of color, and the organizations that work to address the removal of systemic barriers like Cristo Rey, keep real change within reach.

Remove Institutional Barriers: Your partnership provides students early access to professional networks and environments typically underrepresented in their communities, equipping them with the social and technical acumen to excel at careers they may not have otherwise considered.

Increase Economic Equity: Your partnership helps close the wealth divide by strengthening students’ pathway to a bachelor’s degree. Individuals with a four-year degree earn over $1 million more over a lifetime than individuals without a four-year degree.

Advance Racial Equality: Education, uniquely complemented by career and technical training, must be at the forefront of industry efforts to move us as a society toward racial equality.

Benefits to Corporate Partners

Benefits to Students

Our firm supports the Corporate Work Study Program for many reasons. There is the obvious benefit of supporting inner city minority students to attain a high quality, college prep high school education, but beyond that, our employees benefit enormously from establishing relationships with the students and watching them grow and succeed. We have found the relationship to be much more two-way than we anticipated.

-Patrice DeCorrevont, Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase